Star Call Deposits


Bank of India sets its foot prints in Botswana.

Bank of India launches its fully owned subsidiary.

Bank of India (Botswana) Ltd. opens its branch in Gaborone on 9th August, 2013.

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Star Call Deposits

Our Star Call Deposits is a product for the customers who can keep their deposits temporarily in order to earn more interest and liquidate in case of need. The key features of the product are:

Who can Open? Individuals, Group of Individuals, Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms, Limited Companies, Associations, Trusts, Societies, Corporate Entities, etc.
Account to be opened in (currencies) BWP, ZAR, USD, EURO & GBP
Minimum Deposit P1000
Sweep in & Sweep out facility Automatic sweep in and sweep out facility to be available from current account
Interest Rate(s) As per call deposit rate
Calculation of Interest Monthly
Payment of Interest Monthly
Joint Account Operations Permitted
Provision for Marking Lien and sanction of loans against TDRs Yes